DC-Ex (Digital Currency Exchange) is peer to peer exchange platform where you can exchange your e-currency and cryptocurrency fast and secure.

No. You can't change the email address at any situation.

Yes. We have two factor authentication which is able to activate under profile section after login.

Yes. You can change it under profile section after login.

Yes. DC-Ex has referral program. You can get your referral link under profile section after login.

You will earn 10% commission from referred user trading fee. For example if they trade 1000USD our fee is 0.2% you will get credited 0.2USD (10%).

In case if our trading is 0% you will not get any referral commission for that day. Kindly check fees page for our trading fee details.

Under finance section click transfer button for the respective currency which you want to transfer. Then select "available to other user" and provide the username to whom you going to transfer then click transfer and confirm your mail link to complete the transfer process.

Use internal transfer under finance section and select "affiliate to available" option and complete the process. Once you got funds under available section you can trade or withdraw your funds.

After login go to finance page and click deposit and withdraw tab to check your history. For detailed report export the history in csv and check in excel.

To deposit or withdraw funds visit finance menu and click deposit and withdraw button of the respective currency.

Check fees page for deposit and withdraw time.  Our site deposit and withdraw are instant and if it is crypto like bitcoin litecoin it need confirmation to confirm your deposit. Crypto confirmation are based on the cryptocoin blockchain network.